Sunday, June 30, 2013

Project: The Fem Tie

It's a quiet Sunday afternoon. I decided to share another of my summer projects. This necktie was sewn with a small floral print fabric.  The lining is plaid to contrast the floral pattern. A bright piece of coral color ribbon was used to hold the tie in place.  I would enjoy wearing more neckties.  I don't believe they are made just for men.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Saturday Hike: Cassidy Arch

Trailer Talk:

Unfortunately I started out the Cassidy Arch hike a little too late in the morning. I had plenty of water, but only took an apple as a snack. I figured it wouldn't take me that long.  What I didn't realize until beginning the hike was that it wasn't 4.5 miles round trip, it was 4.5 miles to the arch and 4.5 back to the starting point. Ugh! I was determined once I got started. It was a beautiful trail with slick rock and red rock and amazing views. I met a foreign couple on the way sitting underneath a large shaded rock. So far they were the only people I met on the trail until another trail from the campground combined with my path. About two miles into the hike I met up with five German students and was invited to join the remainder of the hike with them. It was refreshing to hear their comments of excitement regarding the environment around us. Sometimes I take for granted the extreme beauty surrounding me everyday. My photos are only a mere peek at what my eyes can describe to you. I recommend experiencing the grandeur with your own eyes.
  Needless to say once I joined the Germans the remainder of the hike went quickly to the arch.
I would do this hike again, but definitely get a much earlier start or begin in the early evening. By the time I got back to the trailer I was feeling ill. The heat, sun and lack of food in my stomach was finally taking its toll. I have proof behind the trailer where I  upchucked some little red, yellow and orange peppers I tried to eat. It looked like colorful confetti spewing out of my mouth. Once that happened my stomach finally calmed down. Let's just say I will be much better prepared the next time I tackle a long hike.

Baaaaaad to the Bone

 These guys may look innocent (well, maybe not Bob), but turn away and they will be chewing the shirt off your back. These two hoodlums escaped and were caught chewing the memorial tree of a woman who had recently passed away. Usually I can hear them making noise. Although I haven't heard them yet today...Uh oh.
 These guys are going to be used as pack goats for long hiking trips into the wilderness.
Bill Monroe seems a little more docile compared to Bob. I'm under the impression that Bob is the ring leader. I can imagine him talking Bill Monroe into wreaking havoc on the neighborhood. Bob you're so baaaaaaad.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Friday Hike: Chimney Rock

Friday I enjoyed a nice hike on the Chimney Rock trail. I was the only person on the trail and had the entire view to myself.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Project 1

Before heading out on my trip I completed a few projects I had been working on. One of the projects was this linen dress. I hope to get some use out of it this summer. The material is very light and airy.

In the Evening

There are little white lights in the trailer. I like the ambiance it creates. The greenhouse is next door and it also has an abundance of white lights to keep the baby chicks happy at night.

Trailer Talk: 

Tonight there are dogs howling outside, at least I think they are dogs. One howler seems to be stuck on one continuous note like a broken record.
Last night the trailer got pretty cold. Unfortunately I did not have my socks handy and so my feet got bitterly cold which made for an uncomfortable night. Needless to say I have my socks on and a small blanket at the foot of my sleeping bag. Tonight I am prepared.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Today I learned to say Escalante like a local. I guess the "e" on the end is dropped and so it is pronounced Escalant, not Escalant"ay". Although if you are referring to the Escalante National park, you keep the "e" and pronounce it Escalant"ay".

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Home Sweet Summer Home


   This summer I am staying in a little trailer near Capitol Reef National Park (Utah). My fabulous friend Liv and her husband brought this trailer onto their property and fixed it up inside. Liv is really great at making simple things beautiful, clean and comfortable. As you can see she has added her little unique touches to the inside and outside, such as the succulent plants, tiny framed pictures and strand of small white lights.
 Trailer Talk Update:

   The first couple of nights in the trailer took some getting used to. I had to convince myself that no zombies were shuffling around outside, and if they were I was in no position to escape from inside this metal box. Of course it's just a quick two large jumps to the back door of the house, but then there's the screen door...aaah, every second counts. The first night if it wasn't the thought of zombies, it was a more eminent threat of mountain lions. Could one be lurking nearby? Fortunately there's Stegner, the family dog. He will hopefully protect me or at least give a warning bark. In the meantime I'll keep to clapping my hands as I hastily walk the 10 feet from back door of house to trailer door. Oh, but I forgot to mention the wind; or should I say mini-tornado. The wind is fierce and strong. The chair sitting outside of the trailer was blown off the porch. I do like the breeze though, it cools things down. And, at night, once I'm tucked into bed, I'll put in my earplugs and have the wind rock me to sleep. "If the trailer's a-rockin' don't come-a-knockin".
I've always wanted to say that.