Friday, February 24, 2017

United Kingdom

NAME: Frodo


NAME: Cuddles

NAME: The Sheep and Ram

These handsome gentlemen 
enjoy warm evenings 
by the fire. 

Cuddles likes to take up 
as much space as

 she can on the bed. 

One Month Home/Pet Sit

My great friend Chelsea over at invited me to join her in the U.K. for the December 2014-January 2015  holidays to watch and care for the home and pets of Manor Farm Cottage Flowers near Wells, Somerset.
As my first home/pet sitting experience I wasn't sure what to expect, especially being in another country. It only took a few days to get a routine going and we began to feel right at home. We were given permission to use the farm truck which was another fun experience learning quickly to drive on the opposite side of the street. Chelsea was "kind enough" to give me the full responsibility of driving. Ha ha!
The dogs would let us know it was time to wake in the morning as they barked and made noise downstairs. Cuddles the cat would mosey in and out at her own pleasure, generally finding a quiet, warm spot to hide while the small circus continued throughout the day. The six sheep and ram were fed buckets of grain and hay in the morning and evening. The neighbors and friends of the farm were very amiable and looked out for us and answered questions we may have. 

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